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Photo Upload Guidelines

image requirements
You can upload an image that you have scanned, downloaded from a digital camera, or retrieved from a photo CD to your Big Funny Card. We do not recommend using images created for or taken from the internet because they are generally not print quality. This includes low resolution images from your phone or low resolution images uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or other social media websites. Please respect the rights of others and use only photos that you own, or have the rights to use.

For Best Results
Start with an image that is clear, shadow free & high resolution. It is important that you preview your images carefully. There are 2 important components to the quality of an image:
1. Image Resolution - Higher resolution means more image detail. This usually refers to the number of pixels in your image file. Low-resolution images will appear blurry or pixilated. Please use the highest resolution images possible. Our online design editor cannot accept images that are larger then 8 Megabytes.
2. Quality of the Image - This is something that cannot be measured by a machine. If your image is out of focus, blurry, over exposed or contains too much contrast, it may not look good when printed.

Accepted File Formats
Your image must be a .jpg, .png or .gif file. If you have a different file format you will not be able to upload it to our system. We can accept .pdf, .esp, .ai & some .psd files via email, please contact a sales representative when sending.

Specifications & Recommendations
Please follow these recommendations to get the best quality print from your photo. If your photo is smaller then the recommended photo size, it may still print well if it does not cover the entire print area of the card. Please use photos with the minimum of 150 dpi. Photos with a lower dpi will be too low resolution.

2' Card
- 15"x21" Print Area
Recommended photo size: 2250px X 3150px
3' Card - 21"x33" Print Area
Recommended photo size: 3150px X 4950px
4' Card - 32"x44" Print Area
Recommended photo size: 4800px X 6600px

How To Retrieve Information About Your Image
Not sure what the size of your photo is? how many pixel it contains? or it's dpi?
Right click on your photo. Choose properties. Choose the details tab, across the top of the window. This details page will show you the dimension of your photo, resolution and other information.
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