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Personalize a World's Greatest Card for Mothers Online

Create a card for mother's day, a birthday or a special anniversary that celebrates a mom's most important creation. Send us a high resolution image of the children, and we will create a card in the shape of the children.

        This 24"x36" card is a great new gift idea for your loving mother or grandmother. Send it to her for all occasions like Mother's Day, Birthday's or a special anniversary. This product has a set price of $59, add a sturdy white cardboard envelope for $5. Follow the simple instructions below to create this giant card.

Card Creation Process:

• Step One: Make sure you have a high resolution image of the children.
        A high resolution image is obtained by:
        - digital camera 5mp or more
        - scanning it at 200% to ensure it is large enough for print.
        * Images taken by webcams or cell phones will NOT be high resolution
        and will most likely produce a blurry print. *
• Step Two: Start designing your card in the editor.
        Double click on the stock image to download your own high resolution image.
        Create text for front of card. (Please keep it to one line of text)
        Create text for the inside of your card.
        After you have your photo uploaded and text created it's time to purchase!
• Step Three: Our designers will receive your order and create the card to the shape of your children.
        Please state in comments if you would like to see a proof of your card before it is printed.
        (this might make the design process last a little longer)
• Step Four: Your card will be designed and printed within 48 hours of receiving payment.
        For shipping information please click here
world's greatest card for mothers
world's greatest card for mothers
For questions on this card's process please call toll free 1-866-241-2295 or email at

For more information on Envelopes please click here

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