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In the spring of 2009, one of our dearest Victory employees came down with a serious illness and was hospitalized, out of town, for several weeks. As we pondered a way to send our well wishes and let her know we were thinking of her, it came to us that we need a card large enough so that everyone could sign it. With nearly 100 employees, that would have to be a very big card. So we checked with Fedex and found out that we could use standard ground shipment rates up to 4' tall and 3' wide, so that's how big we made it.

Since we already print almost 5 million corrugated plastic signs each year, creating an option for a jumbo greeting card was easy.

To our surprise, we found many others were searching for the same thing. That's why we developed big, jumbo, giant greeting cards, not those little things you buy at the drug store. We now offer three sizes: 2', 3' and 4' tall. Even more, we have some that are cut into special shapes. Need four foot roses? We have them. Want to include a restaurant gift card? We can do that as well, just add it in the shopping cart.

We have even added a very cool option for Mother's Day. Just have the children draw special pictures for mom, scan them, and upload them into the card so she always has her favorite artwork nearby.

Even more, we have thrown in free Fedex Ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States, just to make it easy.

We hope you enjoy our selection of cards, I know we've had a lot of fun creating them. If you have any thoughts you want to share, please contact us at here or call us toll free at 866-241-2295. In the meantime, make it big and funny.

Steve and Kelli Grubbs Founders of Victory Companies


Alex - "Not sure where to put this but I suppose this is as good as any. I take pride in finding unique things to do for my friends' birthdays or special occasions. I've always had the idea of sending someone a huge birthday card and this year was the time for it. I found your website through a Google search and liked what I saw the moment the site came up. The site was very easy to navigate. I loved how it had a map of the US giving the estimated delivery days color-coded. The most fun part of the experience was the ability to customize just about everything on the card. Whether you wanted a text bubble or not or different color backgrounds or texts. You could maneuver where you wanted the text to appear or how big you wanted it or even a choice of numerous text style options. Plus if you didn't like the base card greetings or words, you could change those as well!!!! Tons of options!! I got a card for a friend of mine for her birthday in April 2011. She had never got a card that large and she loved it!!!! I had it sent to her while we were at work and quickly numerous people were curious how you could acquire a card like this. To make this all work out, delivery had to be on the right day(s). I requested for the card to arrive between certain days and you guys didn't disappoint!! It showed up right on time!! This was my first time coming to your website and I had a great experience!! If I could make a request perhaps : In the future it would be great if there was option on the website to place a "To" and "From" on the envelope so the recipient knew who it was from without having to place the text in the card. Thanks again so much for making everything work to near perfection. You guys have a great thing going here. "

Mary F. of North Carolina - "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your company went the extra mile to be sure my sister got her birthday card in plenty of time for her special day. She received it today and thought it was just wonderful. She couldn't believe how big it was! It was a perfect way to wish her a Happy 50th Birthday. Your company is the best. I will recommend you to my friends."

Janet G. of Pennsylvania - "THANK YOU SO MUCH for the thoughtfulness of the card sent for a 13 yr. old "Amber" who is very ill. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all that you did!"

Beth H. of Florida - "I called to fix a spelling error in my fault and it was fixed the way that it need it to be from word of mouth to making sure it happened. You all delivered the best valentine's card that I have ever got to give. Thank you and I will buy another from you next year. It was well worth the money and the quality of the card was much more then I thought it was going to be .... You bring much happiness to many lives, I am sure, and you made it happen for mine. Hope to see you next year cheers to you all, hope yours was as cheerful as mine!"

Deb H. of Indiana - "I GOT MY CARD YESTERDAY IN THE MAIL TO GIVE TO MY FRIEND NEXT WEEK AND IT IS TRULY AWESOME!! Everybody LOVES it......thanks so much for a great card and great delivery service---it arrived early and worked out WELL! Thanks again!"

Verline M. of California - "I just received my 18 x 36 inch greeting card. I am so happy and amazed at the short time it took for the card to arrive, and how beautiful it looks. Thanks to all who were involved with it!"
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